Treks 11 July 2016

Trek Todos Santos - Nebaj

A beautiful trek through the land of the Cuchumatanes.

Day 1

The first day starts at 09:00am in Todos Santos. There the guides will wait for us and we will continue the journey to San Nicolás, a small village in the Cuchumatanes.

The hike goes in the direction of Pericon, which is almost two hours walking. Around lunch time a short stop will be made at the river of Aguacatan to have lunch. This is a beautiful spot. After about a four hour walk, we will visit a village named Chortiz, where you can drink and eat something. Then the hike will continue to the place were will stay for the night. It is in a very small village in the beautiful surroundings of the Cuchumatanes. We have dinner and sleep at a local community.

Day 2

At the second day the hike starts at about 8:30am in the direction of Chutuj, this is a village with only fifteen inhabitants. After the hike passed this village, it will be approximately two and a half hour of descend and we will arrive in the village of Xexecom, which is part of the region of Quiche. Here we will have lunch.

During the walk, we will pass a cave which is called God of the luck. In this cave, many refugees hid during the civil war. Later on, we will come by the war cemetery. This cemetery is in memory of all those who were killed and slaughtered for the Aguil´s army Quiche, on the 22nd of April in 1981. At about 4.00pm, we will reach the village Acul and there we will find the place to stay the night, at Finca Mil Amores.

Day 3

On the third and last day, we will leave the village at 7.30am. The hike will go into the direction of a cheese fabric, with a beautiful Hacienda. Then the hike will continue through the mountains and will pass a ceremonial place which is called God’s children. Here they do ceremonies for the health of children. Descending the mountain after the lunch, other ceremonial places will be passed, named God of the money, God of the rain, God of the culture and God of the harvest. Finally Nebaj will be reached, which is the end of the hike.


Availability Every day
Departure times 04:30 am
Departure point Your hotel/address in Todos Santos


  Overnight stays
  2 x breakfast
  2 x lunch
  2 x dinner




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