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Trek Alaska to Xela

fuentes georginas 3

Difficulty: Easy

We start the day at the Cumbre Alaska, the highest pass in Guatemala. On a clear day you can see 12 volcanoes! From Alaska we start the hike and descend.

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Trek Todos santos - Nebaj

los cuchumatanes

Difficulty: Modetare

Day 1 The first day starts at 09:00am in Todos Santos. There the guides will wait for us we will continue the journey to San Nicolás, a small village in the Cuchumatanes. 

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Trek San Juan to Xela

san juan la laguna tour

Difficulty: Easy

Normally this hike is made From Quetzaltenango (Xelajú) to Lake Atitlan. The 3 day hike is easy for those in a good physical condition.

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Trek Summit to Summit

alaska quetzaltenango

Difficulty: Difficult.

This challenging walk begins at the summit of Alaska at an altitude of 3100m. Making a tour of the volcano Zunil, we walk through a gradual terrain. 

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Trek San Pedro to Fuentes Georginas

trek san pedro to fuentes georginas

Difficulty: Moderate

This hike is unique in the region and suitable to even the experienced hiker.  The Trek begins at one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala and ends in the relaxing mystic place of the Hot Springs, Fuentes Georginas. 

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Trek Xela to Lake Atitlan

trek xela to lake atitlan 02

Difficulty: Hard

Will bring you from Quetzaltenango to San Pedro la Laguna on the lake Atitlán. This is a great experience that provides beautiful views and nature.

We walk trough the mountains and pass small indigenous communities on our way. We ship your luggage for free to Panajachel where you can pick them up at our office.

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