18 October 2016

Irtra de Xetulul

Excellent family visit !

“The magic is in Guatemala; the magic is Xetulul.” For over ten years the Board of directors of the recreation Institute for Workers, IRTRA led by its President Mr. Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi, has developed the concept of Xetulul Amusement Park. It has been supported by specialist in architecture and engineering, along with collaboration from some 2500 people, ranging from professionals, technical personnel, and workers, all Guatemala.

The Magic of Xetulul

This park is located in the municipal district of San Martín Zapotitlán, Retalhuleu, 180.5 from Guatemala City. It has installations for 12000 visitors, including an architectural scenario presenting Guatemala´s origin and history. There are presentations of European countries, such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy, which influenced Guatemala and Latin America culture.

Visitors can enjoy different plazas, which provide different atmospheres. One, for example, is the Plaza chapina, a beautiful colonial square, surrounded by some of the country´s representative buildings. One of the main attractions is the trans-coastal train, which takes passengers on a 2.06 km. ride around the park. The Guatemalan Town has replicas of different regions in Guatemala, some of these being Casa de las Sirenas, form Antigua; Portal de San Felipe, from Retalhuleu; Highland houses; the kiosk from Quetzaltenango´s Benito Juárez Park; and hotel Del Norte in Puerto Barrios. Additional attractions in the park are El Choconoy Roller coaster and the Typical Guatemalan Fair. The Plaza Maya has a replica of Tikal´s Gran Jaguar Pyramid, with the assigned areas for jaguars, a sacred symbol in Mayan mythology. There are rides for children, including Balsita Loca/ Tumbler Rafts, Rana Saltarina/Jumping Frog, El Honguito/ the mushroom, and Río Salvaje/Wild river. Plaza España provides entertainment with its Galleon and Flying Chairs, as well as electronic games. Plaza Italia presents Italian monuments, along with rides such as II Ciclone and Góndola Salpicona.

Plaza Francia has a majestic Grand theater of Paris, designed for variety shows, The Moulin Rouge has a penny arcade and the train stops at the Gare de France. There is a two-story merry-go-round and a Colliding Cars amusement game. Germany and Switzerland present vernacular architecture, as well as the Avalanche roller coaster and the surprising Estrugenses amusement attraction.

In short, Xetulul is one of Latin America´s best amusement parks and a source of great pride for every Guatemalan.