From Flores to


Flores Peten to:Departure TimeDurationPrice USD

Belice (1) Pullman

Belice Shuttle

05:00 Hrs.

08:00 Hrs


5 Hrs



Guatemala city (1)10:00 Hrs. - 21:00 Hrs. 22:30 Hrs ------$44.00
Coban08:00 Hrs.------$30.00
Rio Dulce (1)10:00 Hrs.------$20.00
Panajachel o Chichicastenango21:00 Hrs.------$65.00
Quetzaltenango21:00 Hrs.------$70.00
Lanquin08:00 Hrs.------


Palenque08:00 Hrs.------$50.00
Tikal08:00 Hrs.1 Hrs.$15.00
Chetumal Mexico08:00 Hrs.9 Hrs.$45.00
Bacalar Mexico08:00 Hrs.10 Hrs.$50.00





(1) Part of the route is made by First-class buses, Fuente Del Norte.

Reservations can only be assured at least 24 hours in advance. Please call (502) 5308-1489 for last-minute bookings.