Bike Tours around Antigua

Enjoy a day around Antigua, sharing with mother nature. Try a bike tour, and the experiences will stick with you. Many people plan and execute their first bicycle tour with the intention of making it just a one-time tour. It’s not something you can do just once and forget about. Bike tour around Antigua will make you want to do it again.

Route 1

Especially for novice, people who like adventure and nature. You will visit villages around Antigua such as San Antonio Aguas Calientes, San Miguel Duenas with macadamia farm , Ciudad Vieja (supposedly the first capital of Guatemala) , San Pedro Las Huertas and San Juan del Obispo.

Route 2

Bike tour for adventurous people who really like adrenaline shots. Especially for people who have the skills and are in good physical conditions. You will visit the surroundings (also mountains) of Antigua, Finca El Pilar and El Mirador, there are more rocky and wooded places along this route. So just be prepared for a physical experience.

Tours (both) are available > Daily

Departure time:

At 09:00 AM or 13:00 PM / Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a minimum of 02 pax.
From Thursday to Sunday, with a minimum of 01 pax.
Tour duration is around 3 hours.

Includes: Guide, helmet, bike (professional) and a bottle of water.
Route 2 with guide trained specifically for this type of difficulty.
Price per person: US$40