FACADES OF ANTIGUA , a guided tour to church fronts with the life of saints


SAINTS and facades of Antigua, a guided tour to church fronts

A guided tour explaining the life of saints , symbols and attributes. Some of the saints come from the bible, others from church history. Images are not placed arbitrarily but are selected to tell a real story! Do you want to know the story?

Pedro Nolasco standing high in the façade of the La Merced church.

Why? The Virgin Mary somewhere very visible and centrally located in the front section of the old cathedral with the still not born son and talking about not born... Do you know who NONNATUS is? Also to be found in a church in Antigua! Strange enough St. Peter and St. Paul are nearly always companions next to the main entrance of any church … and the same can be said from St. Domingo and St.Fransisco. Do you want to see a real angel, get yourself to Santa Clara church and Convent.

Somewhere the beloved Pedro Betancourt, now a Saint, can also be found. Not too difficult to know if you remember to which order he belongs. From archangels to apostles, from founders of religious orders to martyrs and preachers. You can know Antigua in a very different way!

This tour gives you input in the life of many saints, but not limited to them. You will walk through ruins and know more about colonial architecture as well. In other words, a real cultural experience.

Daily: at 09.30 am or 14.00 pm from your hotel or homestay
Duration > 3 to 4 hours, depending how interested you are!
1 person > 50 $
2 persons > 25 $ each
3 persons > 20 $ each
4 persons > 18 $ each
5 or more persons > 15 $ each

Does NOT include entrance fees to the sites