Coffee Tour in San Juan La Laguna

Enjoy a great morning or afternoon coffee in a coffee cooperation in San Juan La Laguna.

Make a walk through the plantation and get to know everything about how the real Guatemalan coffee is created. The cooperation is a result of many local families who try and make a better life through planting coffee. Each family owns a piece of land and they get paid for every bean they bring into the cooperation. The coffee is processed and then exported to foreign countries. Part of the beans stay in the cooperation for the visiters to taste. After the tour, you'll get a complimentary cup.

Because the tour is led by a Community Guide, the tour will be in Spanish. Do ask for the extra price of an accompanying English-speaking guide.


Availability Every day
Price 10 US$
Departure times Anytime
Departure point Cooperativa San Juan La Laguna

Spanish-speaking guide

  Complimentary cup of coffee