08 November 2016

Hoyo de Cimarron

(half day trip from Nenton or Gracias a Dios or Finca Chacula) / Full day trip from Huehuetenango)

Moderate: A small 45 minutes one way walk (or both ways be prepared for 1.30 hours) on a rocky but fairly level trail

A natural wonder. In the middle of the regions karst topography, you will find a huge cylindrical chasm, approximately 170 meters in diameter and 150 meters deep, probably formed when the roof of a huge cave collapsed. On the ground level, a forest thrives, sheltering birds and many legends. A few well equipped and trained climbing teams have lowered themselves into the hole.


Go during the cooler times in the early morning or late afternoon

Sun cream, hat, good walking shoes, water


From Nenton (there are hotels) or Gracias a Dios (there are also hotels) or Finca Chacula near the aldea La Trinidad > (min 02 persons)

30 US$ p.p. / includes transport go and return from Nenton or Gracias a Dios or Finca Chacula / driver-Guide

From Huehuetenango > (min 02 persons) 75 US$ p.p. or 150 US$

Entrance fee > 20 quetzals (3 $) Guatemalans and 50 quetzals (7 $) Non Guatemalans (not included)

Ask for hotels in Huehue, Nenton, Gracias a Dios or for the finca Chacula

Easy to combine the same day with the natural wells called CENOTES DE CANDELARIA

Add 2 extra hours from and to Quetzaltenango as well as 35 US$ extra p.p. (min 2 persons) 

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