17 February 2017

Paleontology and Rock Art



The settlement of the American continent, specifically in Guatemala, has been the subject of various studies and theories that have been debated so far.

In this tour you will have the opportunity to visit four sites that present evidence of the prehistory of the Pleistocene (about ten thousand years old) of the area of ​​Huehuetenango.

We will start with the paleontological site "El Mamut" where they carried out excavations and where the remains of mega fauna and a projectile point "type Clovis" were found. Then we will visit three areas with rock paintings that present unique pictograms that will leave the interpretation to your imagination.

Let’s travel together to the time of the first hunter-gatherers who populated these places and left us evidence of their foot print on the American continent.

You can combine this tour with tours to the Mayan ruins of Zaculeu, Chiantla Viejo, and to Cenotes de Candelaria.

Itinerary Tour

6:30 am In Huehuetenango we will start the day with breakfast.

7:30 am We will visit the paleontological site “El Mamut” where you can see fossils of mega fauna. There is also a small museum that we will visit.

8:00 am Transportation to the rock paintings “El Encanto”.

11:00 am Tour of the rock paintings “El Encanto”. You will be impressed by the big number of pictograms that cover the 9 by 5 meters rock.

12:00 pm Transportation to the rock paintings of “La Peña Colorada” in Nentón.  

12:30 pm Tour of the rock art site “La Peña Colorada”.

13:00 pm Transportation to the site “Vieja Catarina”.

13:30 pm Tour of the rock paintings “Vieja Catarina”. The site is located in a protected area.

14:00 pm Transportation to a restaurant where we will have lunch.

14:30 pm Lunch.

15:30 pm Transportation back to Huehuetenango.

17:30 pm Arrival in Huehuetenango.

Prices / Minimum of two persons


1 or 2 persons

(not  per person)

3 - 7 persons

Per person

8+ persons

(Max. 13)

Per person

From Huehuetenango

      215 US$

85 US$

55 US$

From Quetzaltenango

      265 US$

109 US$

69 US$

From Antigua (with overnight in Xela, not incl. )*  

      299 US$*

108 US$*

 95 US$*

From Panajachel **

      285 US$*  

88 US$*

75 US$*


*One night accommodation in Xela is not included

**Collective shuttle to Huehuetenango from Panajachel/Antigua


Entrance fee / Guide (certified) / Transportation / Visit to 1 paleontological site and 3 different sites with rock paintings