17 February 2017

Mountain La Peña Blanca

Mountain Peña Blanca

Mountain in Guatemala

Altitude: 3.518 m

Prominence: 1.868 m
Difficulty level: Moderate


Peña Blanca is a mountain with an altitude of more than 3000 meters. It belongs to the mountain range of Los Cuchumatanes and is located near the border with Mexico, in the municipality La Libertad, in the department of Huehuetenango.

The most interesting is its panoramic view due to its high altitude, its natural landscape formed by abundant vegetation and mainly to the karst formations of interesting forms that you will see during this tour.

The best time to go on this hike is during the summer season since during winter the accesses, which are tertiary, are considered dangerous and cloudy weather does not allow a good view on the landscape.


Itinerary Tour

5:30 am Breakfast in Huehuetenango (not included)

6:00 am Departure from Huehuetenango to La Libertad

7:30 am Arrival at La Libertad. From here we will take a pick-up to the start point of this hike.

8:30 am Arrival at La Cruz del  Aguacate from where we will start with the hike

8:40 am Start of the hike

12:00 pm Arrival at the summit of Peña Blanca

13:00pm Start with the descent

16:00 Arrival at La Cruz del Aguacate

17:00 Arrival at la Libertad

18:30 Arrival in Huehuetenango


Prices / Minimum two persons


1 or 2 persons

(not per person)

3 -7 persons

Per person

8+ persons

(Max 13)

Per person

From Huehuetenango

      225 US$

95 US$

65 US$

From Quetzaltenango

      295 US$

129 US$

89 US$

From Antigua (with one night in Xela, not incl.. )**  

      359 US$*

158 US$*

 125 US$*

From Panajachel **

      155 US$*  

        138 US$*

95 US$*


*Price does not include one night accommodation in Xela

**collective shuttles to Huehuetenango from Panajachel/Antigua

Entrance fee,  guide (certified), transportation + pick-up, visit of two sites: the summit point of the Peña Blanca and the rock known as “El Arco”.

You will have to bring your own snacks and lunch.

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