EL Mirador by Helicopter

More than 30 cities covered by the jungle are part of the Reino de la Serpiente “Snake Kingdom”, Dynasty that developed, established and governed in a society that had a writing system, mathematical, 
agricultural and astronomic, a millions of years earlier than known. Inside the jungle at 21,602 Km2 of the Reserva de la Biosfera Maya “Mayan Biosphere” we can watch two structures with names
El Tigre “The Tiger” and La Danta. Ubicated in the arqueological site El Mirador , considerated the  cradle of the Mayan Civilization and candidate to enter in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.
La Danta (72 meters) with a volume of 2.800.000 m3, 200.000 m3 more than The Great Pyramid of Cheops in Egyt and El Tigre (55 meter) is the second more biggest in the area.
Our journey will take us to fly over the Mayan Biosphere, arriving at The Mirador, the visit during 4 hours, accompanied by a certificated guide. Depending the weather, we departing between 
7am – 10am to Flores Petén.