El Zotz Jungla batz

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El Zotz is a Mesoamerican archaeological site of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization,  It is so called because of the large number of bats living in caves in the nearby cliffs

Day 1

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07:30  Arrival at Cruces Dos Aguadas 65 kms from Flores (*).  This is where our journey begins. A local assistant will prepare the pack horses. If requested ahead of time, we can also provide extra horses. (to ride)

08:00   The 4-hour trail to Zotz is quite a windy road, with dense foliage and lively spider monkeys. We are walking through the jungle .

12:30  Stop for a box lunch along the way to El Zotz.                                               

13:30  Trek through the Biotope.

17:30  Arrival at camp site near a patrol station.

We walk to the base of a bat cliff (about 500 meters from the camp) to observe hundreds of thousands of bats leaving their cave dwellings in the cliff for a night of foraging. Bat falcons can also be seen, diving at a high speed into the streams of bats as they hunt for their prey.

Bats are one of the most important elements in the reproduction of the rainforest. In one single night, a fruit bat can disperse the seeds of a tree along many square kilometers; nectar-eating bats also help the pollination of many other plant species.

The bats make for an incredible and exciting experience, fully charged with the vitality of nature.

Evening Dinner is a hearty meal – including fresh, hot tortillas – is prepared by your guide over a wood fire. Friendly conversation with the members of the expedition and the always helpful staff of the patrol station make for a pleasant evening in the jungle.

(*) TRANSPORT from FLORES to DOS AGUADAS is included in the price below , 65 kms away from Flores – 2 hours nonstop. 

Day 2

06:30 The day begins with breakfast and exploration of the nearby archaeological site, surveying its plazas and jungle-covered mounds. Climbing the tallest mound, the Devil’s Pyramid, provides a glimpse of the summits of  the temples of Tikal, 23 km to the East.

07:00 – 12:00   Head to El Yesal, a small jungle camp located deep in the forest, about midway between Zotz and Tikal  Noon:  Lunch along trail to Yesal. 

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15:30  Arrive at Yesal. The camp grounds include thatched roof bungalows to hang hammocks and mosquito nets, and a latrine.  After camp is set, we climb the hill just above the camp, for a view of the endless forest and the temples of Tikal in the horizon.

18:30  Dinner at El Yesal. After dinner, we relax and listen to the sounds of the jungle. We’ve even heard jaguars howling in the distance. 

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Day 3

06:30 Breakfast in El Yesal. 

07:00 Break camp and head for the final leg of our journey, through rolling terrain covered by tall primary forest. During this segment, no pack horses are available, so passengers have to carry their own packs. For this reason, we remind you to pack lightly.

Noon: Lunch in the rain forest.

14:00 pm  Arrival at Temple IV in the west of the restored area of the site.

If you wish to spend the night in Tikal, arrangements can be made through our office for reservations in a hotel in the park and a minibus back to Flores the next day.  If you would like to return to Flores in the evening, we can also arrange for a minibus to pick you up from Tikal. 

Return to FLORES.  Please ask us to reserve your return flight to Guatemala or Belize or bus ticket to Guatemala, Mexico etc !  (NOT INCLUDED) 

Our prices based on: ($)Per person    

 PaxPrice USD
GroupsOn request

Prices include:

Transportation from Flores to Cruce Dos Aguadas, Guide from the community, The meals: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, 3 picnics, drinking water , Lodging in camp (hammocks and mosquito-net) or tents with sleeping bags, as you want, Horses to transport luggage and camping materials

Prices do not include: 

Entrance fees in TIKAL, Horses to ride (available for $30 for the first 2 days) , Other drinks than water, Tips, night and meals in Tikal, transfer Tikal-Flores and insurance.

Horses to ride (available for $25 for the first 2 days), other drinks (sodas and beers available) ;  tips, night and meals in Tikal, transfer Tikal-Flores and insurance.

What to bring / wear: 

Hiking boots, long trousers, wind or rain jacket, sun block, sun glasses, camera, binoculars, torch 2 liters of water, extra clothing, big back pack, snacks, mosquito repellent.