FAQ Shuttles

  1. What is a shuttle?A shuttle is a shared transportation service which runs between two points with a fixed departure and arrival time (flexible). The shuttle is typically shared with other tourists. The shuttles mostly run to well-known destinations without stops, and sometimes include a change of vehicle. They are mostly door to door but NOT always!
  2. Does every shuttle go from door to door?Not every shuttle is door to door, however most of them are. Ask for the exceptions.
  3. How many pieces of luggage can I bring?You can bring a big suitcase with a maximum weight of 16 kilos and a bag of hand luggage with a maximum weight of 7 kilos. For every extra piece of luggage (surfboards, musical instruments etc.) you will have to pay half of the value of the ticket.
  4. What kind of luggage is not allowed?Weapons, animals, explosives and breakable objects.
  5. How can I make a reservation?You can make a reservation and pay online using our web page, or send an email to info@adrenalinatours.com
  6. What type of vehicle is being used for the shuttle?We use small vehicles with a maximum capacity of 15 persons. Vehicles we use are a Nissan Urban or Toyota Hiace. Comfort is limited.
  7. Why do other travel companies have different prices?Safety is our priority so we offer safe and reliable transportation. We also offer excellent, professional service in case there might be any inconvenience or problem. We do NOT know about other companies offering such high quality services.
  8. Are the shuttles comfortable?Our shuttles are not private services. This means that we will try to fill the vehicle to its maximum capacity (low price = generating volume). However, we will never pass the maximum capacity, so you will always be secured of a seat.
  9. Does the bus stop for visits on the way?No, the bus only makes technical stops or when it is absolutely necessary (bathroom, illness etc.).
  10. Where do I put my luggage?We will place your luggage on top of the vehicle. In case of rain we will make sure that it is well covered with a canvas.
  11. Are the drivers bilingual guides?Our drivers are not necessarily bilingual, nor certified guides. Their knowledge of the country is limited and they are contracted as chauffeur, NOT as guides.
  12. Do the drivers expect a tip?Yes, they expect a tip. We propose $5 for the driver per person.
  13. Do you operate with your own vehicles?To assure maximum coverage in the area, not all of the shuttles are operated by us. Some vehicles may be subcontracted and some of them are definitely not the same quality as our own vehicles . We prefer you to ask for private services in this case .
  14. Do I receive a discount if I order various shuttles?Yes, depending on the number of services that you desire but should always be a minimum of 5 different services , the normal discount is 10 % . .
  15. Can I change the date of my shuttle?Yes, but you can only change shuttles with the same destination. You will need to tell us with at least 72 hours of anticipation.
  16. If I miss my shuttle due to my own mistake, what will happen?You will have to buy another ticket or order a private service if you have to arrive with urgency. We are NOT responsible if you did not PAY in advance.
  17. What is a NO SHOW?A NO SHOW is when a passenger does not show up at the moment the shuttle is leaving because of his/her own fault.
  18. Can I use the shuttle with a wheelchair?Our shuttle vehicles do not have the facilities to comfortably transport a wheelchair user. We recommend you to use private transportation.
  19. Do children need a ticket?Children aged 2 years and older need their own seat due to transport regulations and insurance, so yes they need a ticket.
  20. Do I have to pay in advance?Yes, you have to. All reservations need to be confirmed by PAYMENT. Contact us for payment methods.


  1. If there is a dispute about the shuttle , what should i do ?  Please write us immediately and we will see how we can help you .. !
  2. If you are happy with the service please write on TRIPADVISOR ! If you are unhappy please write to us … see # 21 .

If you still have questions, please contact us using the contact form at our web page, or by sending an email to info@adrenalinatours.com