We are selling tickets for the mayor companies such as American Airlines , Delta , Iberia , Tropical air (Belize) , United , Airfrance , Aeromexico , Volaris (good prices between Costa Rica and Guatemala) , Avianca , KLM , Lufthansa , Volaris and may others . Within your itinerary we are able to provide you with the best prices .

JETBOARDING in GUATEMALA , now at the Lake DEL PINO near the capital of Guatemala (about 20 miles away) and 1.30 hours from ANTIGUA . JETBOARD IN LA PUNTA LAGUNA !!!!
Jetboarding or flyboarding, is an extreme sport that is done with a board under your feet, which has two jets of water propulsion and launched downwards raising you above the water. Practicing this discipline is not as difficult as it seems, however, it does present a slight physical effort, but mostly requires balance.

  • Tour includes:
    Roundtrip transportation to Laguna Del Pino
    jetboard 20 min

FINCA EL VERGEL near EL REFUGIO DEL QUETZAL . This farm , part of the project www.fecceg.com just opened to the public with 3 wooden cabanas ready to receive you and your family . Not a hotel but a real rural experience if you want to wake up early to go to the next door refugio .. best time to see the quetzal is February to May but on the farm you can see many birds as well , including the quetzal ! On the farm there is also coffee and there are many tropical plants, trees . Nearby visits should include the waterfall called LA IGUALDAD and why not one of the municipal parks ! For overnights , prices and how to get to the farm just write us