Guatemala is a mesmerizing place with a lively culture and a deeply rooted spiritual tradition. This trip is an exploration of the contemporary expression of the Maya’s long-lasting cultural heritage.
Led by local Mayan elder Francisco Puac and spirit guide Shadi Henau, we set off on a journey to rarely visited sacred sites. We discover natural power spots and visit the ancient Maya temples of Guatemala on a ceremonial and transformational group trip.

“A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for experiencing deep connection to ancient energies that live in the Guatemalan highlands and the sacred sites of Petén, facilitated by local Mayan elder Francisco Puac and spirit guide Shadi Henau.”

Do you love learning about spiritual traditions and coming together in ritual, celebrating life? Do you feel a calling to connect to Maya cosmology and the living energies of the ceremonial sites of Guatemala? Want to embark on a sacred group journey that enables transformation in a held setting? Then this trip might be just what you’re looking for.

One Spirit’s annual Maya cosmology journey has been growing and evolving every year, and this year its theme is the energy of 8 B’atz, the start of a new 260-day cycle in the Cholq’ij (ceremonial count of days). Our spiritual teacher and ceremony leader, Francisco Puac, is an experienced shaman and well-established community leader in San Pedro la laguna, Guatemala. He hosts our cosmovision teachings at the magical Atitlan Lake during the first week of the trip. At the lake, we’ll also do various excursions to inspiring places.

After having received ample knowledge of the Maya cosmovision’s basic principles during those first days of the journey, we then continue to various power spots and ceremonial sites in the Western highlands of Guatemala and in the Northern region of Petén. We join forces with the spirit ancestors and connect with powerful energies at the ceremonial sites, showing gratitude and giving offerings in ceremony guided by Francisco. The sacred site visits thus get a quality of interaction and become much more than a sightseeing.

This trip is a unique experience that will leave you filled up with confidence and awe at the magic of life and the power of gratitude, as we work with our intention for collective healing and give our offerings at the temples. We’ll also do small rituals throughout the trip, creating a field of togetherness and joy that will nourish and support you in your life after the journey. Shadi put together this journey from his extensive travel experience, and will be facilitating the day-to-day process of the group. Together, we’ll create a conducive environment for connection and transformation. Shadi will also be translating for Francisco.

  • Saturday 18th January: arrival at Guatemala City – La Aurora (GUA) airport and transfer to the quaint colonial town of Antigua Guatemala. Two nights stay at the majestic Hotel La Aurora.
  • Sunday 19th January: easy morning and exploration of the town of Antigua. Sound ritual at the Capuchinas convent. Breakfast included.
  • Monday 20th January: travel to the lively highland Maya temple of Iximché by bus or van. Opening ritual at the sacred site, asking the elders for permission for this trip. After lunch we continue to the powerful and energetic Atitlan Lake, where we’ll be staying at lakeside Eco-Hotel Uxlabil for four nights. Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Tuesday 21st January: Francisco Puac introduces us to the four cosmic directions and gives us a deeper insight on Maya culture in the morning. Optional excursion to the new age town of San Marcos la laguna for lunch and connecting to the hippie culture that lives there. B&D included.
  • Wednesday 22nd January: optional morning excursion to Santiago Atitlan where we visit the local deity Maximon and wander around the traditional market. After lunch we continue the Maya cosmovision teachings at the hotel. B&D included.
  • Thursday 23rd January: workshop with Don Francisco on the nawales and Maya numerology. Optional afternoon excursion to the weaver’s town of San Juan la laguna + traditional sauna (temazcal). Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Friday 24th January: we head off to the Fuentes Georginas hot springs, high up in the mountains, where we spend the day soaking and doing a small ritual honoring the spirits of the place before continuing to our Eco-spa hotel Las Cumbres. Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Saturday 25th January: we take an early start and climb the Chicabal volcano to reach its crater lake, Laguna Chicabal. This is an auspicious Mayan altar site and spectacular viewpoint over the volcanic highlands of Western Guatemala. Here we’ll spend the morning and bathe in the mystical energy of the site. The start of the new 260-day ceremonial cycle (8 B’atz) will be celebrated. In the afternoon we go to the famous market town of Chichicastenango, a meeting point between traditional and western cultures within Guatemala, where we’ll stay at the luxurious colonial Hotel Mayan Inn. B&D included.
  • Sunday 26th January: we visit the popular market very early, and take in the energy of the Santo Tomas church, where ancient Maya rituals and catholic influence merged into a fascinating pagan mix of spirit divination practiced on a daily basis. We then head off to Guatemala City for our domestic flight to the romantic town of Flores in the Northern Petén region. We’ll spend two nights at lakeside Hotel Casa Amelia. B&D included.
  • Monday 27th January: we take the day off in the laid-back colonial town of Flores, jump-off point for many travelers visiting the numerous Maya temples all around. This will be a day for sharing or Q&A circles, relaxing, processing and a possible further workshop session. Optional boat tour to the town’s bird sanctuary. Breakfast and dinner included.
  • Tuesday 28th January: we set off to the fascinating ceremonial complex of Yaxhá, deep in the jungle, where we offer our ceremony at the central altar and visit the sacred site in peace. We then continue to the beautiful and tranquil town of El Remate where we’ll spend three nights at Hotel La Casa de Don David. B&D included.
  • Wednesday 29th January: we bring our offerings to the sacred site of Uaxactun, north of Tikal. B&D included.
  • Thursday 30th January: we get up early and visit the massive complex of Tikal, bringing our offerings in a full fire ceremony to the central altar of this world-renowned Maya site. We take the day to feel the energy of the place and to explore. B&D included.
  • Friday 31st January: we drive to Rio Dulce, where we will have lunch and spend the afternoon at the riverside eco-lodge Hacienda Tijax, before heading back to Guatemala city where we will spend the night at Hotel Casa Blanca Inn. Breakfast included.
  • Saturday 1st February: transfer to Guatemala City airport (GUA).

Don Francisco is a shaman and spiritual teacher in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala. He has been an active community leader for over 45 years. He guides ceremonies and, together with his family, runs a school in Maya Cosmovision and Spanish
language. He studies and lives the Maya astrospiritual way and is a representative in different organizations such as the National Guatemalan Strategic Committee of Education. During our trips, he teaches the basic principles of Maya Cosmovision and he’s the main facilitator for ceremonies at the temples.


Shadi is originally from Belgium and has been living in Guatemala for the past six years. He traveled all over Latin America, through India and in the US during which he studied to be a Yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner and Cacao facilitator. Shadi is training with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts) and studies Mayan cosmology in Guatemala. He hosts Cacao rituals in Europe. Shadi’s longlasting travel experience makes him the perfect host for spiritual and community travels in Central America.

Saturday 18th January until Saturday 1st February 2020

Whats included?

  • Airport transfers to/from Guatemala City airport on start and ending day
  • All domestic transport as specified in travel itinerary
  • All hotel accommodations in upper mid-range hotels
  • Most breakfasts and dinners as specified in travel itinerary
  • Entrance fees for all attractions in the travel program
  • Fees for guides, facilitators and organizers

Not included:

  • International flight to/from Guatemala City – La Aurora airport
  • Tips for service staff and drivers (5-10€/day)
  • Lunches and some dinners, as specified in travel itinerary
  • Travel and cancellation insurances (recommended)
  • Optional activities, as specified in travel itinerary
  • Surplus for single occupancy (€300/$350; after inquiry)

1,990 EUR or 2,290 USD for the 15-day journey. Your spot is confirmed with a 560 USD