¡Study spanish in Guatema!

We offer Spanish classes in four different places throughout Guatemala: Antigua, Quetzaltenango as well as around Lake Atitlan in San Pedro or in San Marcos. These educational centers offer you a unique opportunity to learn the language and Guatemalan culture and thereby enrich your experiences while being in Guatemala.

ANTIGUA: Being the formal capital of Guatemala, the city of Antigua Guatemala is nowadays known as a beautiful and idyllic colonial town, where you can stroll along its cobbled streets, learn about its fascinating history and simply enjoy the beauty of its colonial houses and churches.

QUETZALTENANGO: Although it is the second biggest city of the country and there is a lot to explore and see, Quetzaltenango never lost its cozy atmosphere and therefor attracts a lot of travelers who intend to stay for a longer period of time, learning Spanish or volunteering at one of the many development organizations in and around Quetzaltenango.

SAN PEDRO: Popular among international travelers, San Pedro is known for its lively restaurant and bar scene, hundreds of hidden shops along winding passages and its many volunteer opportunities.

SAN MARCOS: The traditional and spiritual center of the lake, San Marcos has striking views of the volcanoes, many excellent restaurants plus a variety of health and spiritual practitioners.

Flexible scheduled courses start every Monday, with the flexibility to also start on other days of the week once we’ve made the reservation. Our program is available throughout the year… While taking classes you can change from place to place and explore different cities and environments, or you can stay in the same school to get a deeper understanding of its city and make new (local) friends!

The courses we are offer are all personalized, meaning that you will have one-to-one classes with a teacher that will design a personal lesson plan according to your level and interests.  The first day you’ll take a level-test to be able to start the course that best suits your needs and abilities. The whole time you’re with us, your progress will be closely monitored by your teacher. Before leaving the Spanish School, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Attendance and Grade Sheet with the results of your language and communication skills

You’ll find that participating in the activities and optional excursions are an ideal complement to the Spanish language courses. Organized by the Coordinator of Activities, you can practice what you learn in class.

PRICES (apply to all the four places we offer, with free transportation in between them!)

Lessons take place five days a week, normally from Monday to Friday. Morning classes usually begin at either 8am or 9am, and afternoon classes begin at 1 pm or 2pm. However, we can also be flexible to suit your needs.

5 hours daily or 25 hours weekly > 195 US$ weekly tuition (without homestay)

Our homestay / host families in Quetzaltenango, Antigua, or at Lake Atitlan

Almost all our students choose to live with a local family during their Spanish learning program in all the places where we offer lessons. Living with a family is an excellent way to practice the language and learn different aspects of the Mayan culture. Besides the hospitality, you will have the opportunity to learn Spanish quickly outside of school and to discover and enjoy the secrets of typical Guatemalan food. All home stays are located near the school.  

Our families are carefully selected. All families do a specific host families course at the Spanish School wherever you study, to provide optimal service in terms of meals and valuable cultural interaction.  They have frequent training courses where they learn about handling and preparation of food, paying attention to hygiene and nutritional element. They also learn to utilize local resources in terms of safe and healthy food for their guests.  

We have a dedicated “home-stay” coordinator who is responsible for receiving all comments and student-feedback for continual improvement in this service. We also visit the families several times per year.

US$ 100 /week – A Host Family with shared bathroom. Includes seven days accommodation with three meals per day, except Sundays & Internet Access.  

US$ 135 /week – A Host Family with private bathroom. Includes seven days accommodation with three meals per day, except Sundays & Internet Access

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