Description: Enjoy a family adventure full of excitement as you fly through the skies on zip lines from tree to tree. We will visit an amazing canopy park in the mountains that surround Antigua, where you can spend a wonderful day with the family. Get the most out of Antigua on this bewildering canopy tour, have fun, and take in some of the best views in the area! You can chose between different options.

  • FOREST EXPRESS This package consists of 6 zip-lines of varying lengths and finishes with an assisted rappel down a tree of 40 feet (12 m) high.
  • FOREST TRAIL For those visitors who don’t want to participate in zip lining but are eager to see their friends and relatives fly along the zip lines, this is the right choice. You can jump on one of our trucks that are especially adapted for safe transportation, a Unimog Mercedes truck, and enjoy the amazing views. During this ride, you will pass a coffee plantation and smell the wonderful aroma of coffee beans. Travelers interested in hiking through the forest to the zip lines can be dropped off early and led down a forested trail. You’ll cross over hanging bridges and walk along a path through dense foliage.
  • CANYON EXPRESS Designed for adventure seekers who enjoy the thrill of two mega zip lines over the Canyon, almost 1700 feet long each one at a height of 500 feet.

INFORMATION: Price:  50 USD for internationals – 40 USD nationals