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“A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for experiencing deep connection to ancient energies that live in the Guatemalan highlands and the sacred sites of Petén, facilitated by local Mayan elder Francisco Puac and spirit guide Shadi Henau.”

Do you love learning about spiritual traditions and coming together in ritual, celebrating life? Do you feel a calling to connect to Maya cosmology and the living energies of the ceremonial sites of Guatemala? Want to embark on a sacred group journey that enables transformation in a held setting? Then this trip might be just what you’re looking for.

One Spirit’s annual Maya cosmology journey has been growing and evolving every year, and this year its theme is the energy of 8 B’atz, the start of a new 260-day cycle in the Cholq’ij (ceremonial count of days). Our spiritual teacher and ceremony leader, Francisco Puac, is an experienced shaman and well-established community leader in San Pedro la laguna, Guatemala. He hosts our cosmovision teachings at the magical Atitlan Lake during the first week of the trip. At the lake, we’ll also do various excursions to inspiring places.

After having received ample knowledge of the Maya cosmovision’s basic principles during those first days of the journey, we then continue to various power spots and ceremonial sites in the Western highlands of Guatemala and in the Northern region of Petén. We join forces with the spirit ancestors and connect with powerful energies at the ceremonial sites, showing gratitude and giving offerings in ceremony guided by Francisco. The sacred site visits thus get a quality of interaction and become much more than a sightseeing.

This trip is a unique experience that will leave you filled up with confidence and awe at the magic of life and the power of gratitude, as we work with our intention for collective healing and give our offerings at the temples. We’ll also do small rituals throughout the trip, creating a field of togetherness and joy that will nourish and support you in your life after the journey. Shadi put together this journey from his extensive travel experience, and will be facilitating the day-to-day process of the group. Together, we’ll create a conducive environment for connection and transformation. Shadi will also be translating for Francisco.


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