This Tour wants to tell us the history of chocolate worldwide, its origins here in Guatemala and especially the Mayan culture. The process is quite an experience and what to say about the tastings that will leave you asking for more. Quetzaltenango is the place where you will find the best chocolate to eat and drink in Guatemala. These traditions of family drinks have become a way of life and subsistence for decades for many families already dedicated to the trade of the famous and world-famous ¡cacao!

The tour starts visiting a house where give you the explanation of the Chocolate history. Then you can experience the development of making chocolate, step by step. Even you can make a piece like a delicious souvenir.

A tasting of the delicious and ancestral drink elaborated by a lot of craftsmanship by Maya Kiché women will be offered.

Come with your 5 senses to experience the process of chocolate in its different forms. Experiment and taste the exquisite and valued quetzalteco chocolate.

The Mayan culture has had cocoa as the most precious good, even of exchange in its time. Now it is one of the best and most valued desserts in the world. History places him as originating from these blessed lands.

Availability: Every day. (except mondays)
Departure times: 09:00 Hrs. and 14:30 hrs.
Duration of tour: 2:30 Hrs. approximately.
Pick up and drop off places: Front of Industrial Bank, Central Park in Quetzaltenango.
Price: 40 USD p.p (With minimum 2 persons)
Included: English or Spanish speaking guide, express class and degustation.
Not included: Tips to guides, water or extra snaks.
What to bring: Comfortable clothing and shoes. Wish to learn.