Shuttle Antigua to Lanquin


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Only 01 big bag and 1 handbag allowed . You will be charged extra for more bags (10 USD $ per bag)

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The shuttle services need to be reserved 48 hours in advance

  • In LANQUIN hotels only in the center, we do NOT bring people to hotels near SEMUC CHAMPEY neither pick people up there
  • (1) These services are NOT operated by ADRENALINA TOURS and subcontracted, and the quality of the services do not reflect entirely our quality norms … unfortunately there are no other tour operators operating this kind of shuttles. ANY CLAIM should be directed to the companies we subcontracted, or you should seriously think to buy from US a private service (and yes, we guarantee quality)
  • (2) Most of the buses used are OLD and do not have a lot of space, your knees will suffer and the roads are in bad conditions …. Just being straight forwarded, shuttles from/to Coban and Lanquin are better than the chicken buses but much worse than a private (of course). We offer private services with comfort and flexibility as alternative.
  • (3) Punctuality is NOT guaranteed, 08.00 am from LANQUIN can be delayed with one hour or more and this is the same case from PANA or ANTIGUA, anyway you always must be ready at time …
  • (4) On the same shuttle bus there will be people paying more and people less .. why? Each agency sells tickets and only one or two tour operators are operating these shuttles, some agencies do not pay even the minimum salary to their employee’s AND others do … some agencies don’t care about you if something happens AND others do …
    We try to pay ALL our people well, in a social responsible way, and this has a price.
  • (5) You can NOT choose your seat and all seats are used, even the small extra one, s without back support, bad luck for you .. but the price is also related to filling up to the top with people, and no seat should be not occupied.


Availability: Every day
Departure times: 08:00 AM
Duration: 10 hours
Its a door to door Service? Yes
Pick up: Your Hotel / Address
Drop off: Gas station EXXON in Lanquin
Price 50 USD p.p.


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