• Tikal Day Tour

    Tikal is located in the archaeological region of the Petén Basin in Northern Guatemala. This tour will take you to this majestic Archeological Park and together with a guide you will explore its fascinating history.
  • Tikal Sunrise Tour

  • We leave from Flores to visit the great Maya city of Yaxha, located 76 kilometers from the Flores departmental head. This Archeological Site encompasses four Mayan cities that were of great importance during the history of their civilization: Yaxha, Naranjo, Nakum and Topoxte. It counts with more than 500 structures, varying from twin pyramids and locations for ball games, to stelae and astronomical observatories.
  • This tour will take you to the pre-classic archeological site of Uaxactun. It was used as the first astronomy observatory in the Mayan area and is now home to the last traditional Petenera community.
  • Aguateca is one of the largest archeological sites of the Petexbatun region, located in the municipality of Sayaxche in the Petén department. Its topography is characterized by a cliff that runs west of the Petexbatun Lagoon. The site itself can be divided into three areas: the epicenter consisting of a palace that is associated with other structures, a causeway and a main square.
  • This pre-Columbian site of the Mayan civilization is located in the department of the Petén. It was founded by a branch of the dynasty of the great city of Tikal, going back to the year 629 D.C., in order to control the commercial routes of the Petexbatun region, especially by the Passion River.
  • This Archaeological site is located in the department of Peten, in the municipality of Sayaxche, and owes its name to the large number of Ceiba trees in the area.
  • Crater Azul (Blue Crater) is located in the Refugio de Vida Silvestre El Pucte, which is located in the Municipality of Las Cruces, Petén. It is called the Crater Azul because its blue lake has the shape of a crater, with shallow bank and depths up to five meter deep in the center.
  • This adventurous tour to the Macanche Lagoon, situated 45 minutes away from Flores, gives you the unique opportunity to see crocodiles.
  • This exciting tour is ideal for explorers who love nature and birds but don’t have a lot of experience. From your hotel we will head to the reserve to search the most beautiful bird species in this area. You will appreciate hearing the birds sing, see them fly and you will able to observe different water- and tree birds through a professional telescope.
  • Location: Peninsula Tayasal This tour is perfect for birdwatchers with profound knowledge of birds.
  • Location: Tikal This tour is ideal for adventurers who only have one day to visit Tikal and who are interested in birdwatching.